The True Appreciation of Burmese Youth Professional Working in Japanese with the Help of Clover Mandalay

There have been more than 300 workers who have gotten jobs in Japan through Clover’s Mandalay connections. As Clover Mandalay, which always provides the best services, we have been connecting ambitious workers in Myanmar with good workplaces in Japan for 5 years. 

With this connection of Clover Mandalay, what about the voices of appreciation of professionals from Myanmar working in Japan?

- When did they intend to go to Japan to work?

-Why did you choose Clover Mandalay?

-The job offered by Clover Mandalay is convenient for them or not? And 

-Which level of achievement are they getting now? We have asked our old professionals workers in Japan. So, let’s take a look. 

Khin Kyawt Kyawt San 

Food Industry 

- In my second year of university, my real dream was to go to Japan, so I stopped school and started teaching Japanese language at Clover Mandalay in 2020.

-When I visited Clover Mandalay's Japanese Language Center, the teachers from here were warm and friendly. I learned the basics of the Japanese Language very well and then the teachers explained each lesson one by one.

- The work connected by Clover Mandalay is very convenient. I would like to express my gratitude to Clover Mandalay for giving me the opportunity to choose the job I like and to enter and answer the interview in the job I like.

-After coming to Japan, I improved a lot in conversation and took the JLPT exam every month. Thank you so much to 先生 Chit Su Wai, who taught me the conversation course one month before I left for Japan. Thanks to 先生, I learned to speak without fear when talking to Japanese people.

Shwe Sin Htun

Ancestral Care Work

-In May, 2019, I connected Kakehashi School by myself when I knew that it was possible to work in Japan. That was the time I was working in Mandalay. 

-After passing N5, Kakehashi School built a company called Clover Mandalay with an agency. I could move to Kaigo Interview after I have finished N5 level in Japanese. 

-Kaigo work is so perfect. I came to Japan with a Kaigo Training Visa and I’m trying to answer the KaigoFukushishi Exam in January, 2025.

Thet Paing Win Htun

Welding Industry 

- The first target was from the 10th grade. However, due to various circumstances, I continued to attend school without going to Japan, and during the covid period, I realized my intention to go to Japan.

-In the midst of Covid, my cousin chose this school for me to attend online. It wasn’t until I found out this school was opening outside after the Covid. So, I chose this school again to continue learning my skills because I’m so into Sensei’s teaching. 

- Everything is fine at work. Courage also increased. I used to worry that I would get scolded if I made a mistake at work, but now I have the courage to go and ask because I want to find out in advance and be more specific.

Chit Ko 

Metal Industry 

- Since graduating from high school, I have had the intention of going to Japan. This is why I went to university to further my education, but the schools were closed due to COVID-19. Since then, I focused on going to Japan and started studying Japanese.

- Among many Japanese language schools and agencies, on the advice of my cousin's acquaintances, I took my parents' permission and chose Kakehashi Japanese School and Clover Mandalay agency.

-The workplace I’m working at now is so perfect for me. As the agency always has contact with trainees via online Zoom Meeting to resolve the problems or difficulties if we have any concerns. So, there’s no difficulties since I arrived in Japan and started working. So convenient. 

-Working together with Japanese people, my Japanese language has improved. I have also improved in business skills too. 

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