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Clover Mandalay Agency is a Japanese employment agency operating in Myanmar, and stands as an important role in employment services. We are serving the needs of businessmen in Japan and people from Myanmar who want to work in Japan as a bridge, and we are providing services to ensure that the processes are convenient and smooth. How much can you trust the Clover Mandalay agency, which is working for the convenience of entrepreneurs and workers? What services does Clover Mandalay Agency provide? Let's have a look.

Recruiting for In-demand Jobs in Japan

Clover Mandalay Agency emphasizes recruiting interns, workers and professionals. Among the jobs, we introduce workers in various sectors such as distribution, ancestral care, from industry to engineering, IT and management. So that Japanese companies can choose the talented workers they prefer. That’s how we manage our workers and Japanese agencies. 

Trainings to Ensure Development

Due to Japan's standard for trainees who want to work in Japan from Myanmar, Clover Mandalay offers specialized training programs to bridge cultural and skill gaps. These programs provide practical field training for workers from Myanmar so that they can work effectively in relevant organizations after passing the job interview in Japan.

Language Training for Workers

 Language barriers can cause significant operational challenges. However, Clover Mandalay is also a language school, so that communication can be made between Japanese employers and Myanmar employees. We also provide special language teaching services including translation to make it smooth and easy. Clover Mandalay has been an agency that can produce talented people as we always teach the trainees from how to say hello to working terms.

Legal and Immigration Assistance

When expanding to a new country to get new jobs, it is also very important to be able to travel legally. As for Clover Mandalay, the necessary work permits for employees who want to work in Japan from Myanmar. Assists in obtaining visas and other official documents.

Why is Clover Mandalay a reliable agency?

Clover Mandalay Agency is an agency that has delivered workers without any mistakes since 2019. With regard to Japanese companies, we have a good understanding of the young people's goals, and are constantly striving to provide reliable service and advice to Japanese companies. As well in our agency, we only hire professionals who are specialized in searching for excellent trainees. 

Clover Mandalay offers a wide range of services such as 

-Starting from recruiting staff for positions needed by Japanese agencies 

-Working out the contract of employment and the details of the work 

-Compliance with the agreed contract with the business 

-In addition to 24-hour continuous service 

There are services that don't have to look twice and build trust between workers and Japanese companies.

For Japanese companies operating in Myanmar, Clover Mandalay Agency provides a reliable and complete set of services to meet the needs of foreign markets.In addition, Clover Mandalay is an agency that has set domestic and international regulations and follows them. Combined with a wealth of experience and a strong understanding of Japanese business culture, we are an agency that is passionate about achieving success, so let's work together with Clover Mandalay Agency to create new job opportunities.

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