The importance of Clover Mandalay to the future of Myanmar's youth

Every young adult has their dream. Many young people in Myanmar have different dreams of going abroad to work and collect more income. For these young people, Clover Mandalay exists to support their dreams while helping them in part.

The Purpose of Clover Mandalay for Myanmar’s Youths

Clover Mandalay's mission is to assist Myanmar's young residents who want to live and work in Japan to earn more money. Following that, to exist as an aid to their family's coverage.

Job Introduction for Myanmar Nationals who Want to Work in Japan 

When Clover Mandalay, an overseas recruitment service, promotes work prospects in Japan to Myanmar individuals and employers, the goal is to make both sides comfortable with the upcoming processes. 

When introducing jobs, Japanese corporations call directly or recruit from companies affiliated with Clover Mandalay, and the processes are thoroughly checked. Clover Mandalay aims to give trained and qualified workers in a way mutually beneficial to both sides, rather than giving a large quantity of employees. We are also building a labor relationship. As Clover Mandalay Agency, we create job opportunities in Japan for the citizens, workers, and youths in Myanmar and also plan seminars to provide them with knowledge about working cultures and job opportunities.

Instructions Method for the Employees

Not only for the connections we have mentioned above, but Clover Mandalay also helps guide all essential skills such as language skills, work experience, knowledge about traditional culture, etc, for the employees who want to work in Japan until they are qualified by determining carefully. Furthermore, after giving detailed instructions on concepts for the differences between Myanmar’s and Japan’s workplaces, and the attitude to keep work-related habits, rules, and regulations, we tend to introduce the work opportunities for a better result. 

So, what will be the outcome of doing this? By doing this, not only employers from Japan who offer employment but also workers from Myanmar who want to go to work can help to create a win-win situation for both sides. As Clover Mandalay Agency, we are always trying harder for people of Myanmar who would like to be hired for work in Japan, and also trying to introduce skilled workers to Japan, so we invite you to cooperate with us with confidence.

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